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Yamee Ebike: The Ebike Travels 100 Miles On A Single Charge

The future is now! Technology has changed the way we are living in all kinds of aspects, and one of these changes is an Electric bicycle.  Ever since the pandemic situation broke out globally, more and more people choose to spend their spare time in the nature, and it gives E-bike industry another chance to grow rapidly.

As time passing by, increasing number of lasted technologies are integrated into the E-bikes, regenerative braking is one of them. While most E-Bikes claim they regenerate energy, they only recharge less than 10% of their battery while braking. Yamee’s patented I-PAS regeneration recharges over 60% of the battery power anytime the bike is braking, gliding, or riding downhill. The I-PAS technology was created and patented by Yamee, so while other E-Bikes can promise regeneration, Yamee is the only company that delivers.

The secrete of this technology is their patent I-PAS technology, which transfers the energy generated by the motor back to the generator when riding downhill, braking, or gliding. While the bike doesn’t require throttle during these moments, the motor uses the kinetic energy to power the battery.

Then you wonder who the Yamee is? As a professional Electric bicycle manufacturer, Yamee has been in the Electric bicycle manufacturing industry for over 10 years. They keep seeking the best solutions to combine the most affordable price with the best quality and riding experiences. Right now, they have two successful series, Fat Bear and XL, that gained a great reputation among our customers all over the world. They are looking forward to bring the charm and convenience of E-bike to more and more people.

Would like to give this innovative technology a taste? Grab one and start riding today!