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Trend of Yamee:

In view of the fact that many of our loyal customers prefer the fat bear 750W in the fat bear ebike series. We estimate that 500W can hardly satisfy our yamee bike members' desire to be faster and more exciting. In addition, the performance comparison between 500W and 750W is indeed relatively large. Therefore, we decided that when this batch of fat bear 500W is sold out, we will stop producing fat bear 500W and only produce fat bear 750W ebikes with better performance to satisfy our consumers and let our consumers better conquer nature and enjoy a better riding experience. If you still want a 500W one, you can go to our XL/X series to buy X 500W.

Packaging method upgrade:

We received feedback from some after-sales problems, saying that some parts of our bicycle were bent and deformed,or there were some scratches in some parts during transportation. So we listened to the suggestions of our consumers and upgraded our packaging method. From the previous only added a small amount of protection, to the current one, the bicycle is directly wrapped in foam cotton and then packed into the box, which is very big. To a certain extent, the probability of damage to the bicycle during transportation is reduced. We will continue to improve the way we pack bicycles. If you have good suggestions, please email to



Controller upgrade:

A small number of customers reported that their 750W bicycles are sometimes difficult to climb when climbing, and they can’t even climb in by throttle only. After analysis by our engineers, it was found that the controller was not powerful enough and was incompatible with the circuit system. Therefore, our production team and technical department studied the controller overnight and reprogrammed the controller. The amperage of the controller was increased from 20 to 22, and the maximum output power of the bicycle was increased to make it even better and more powerful when climbing.



display upgrade:

The price difference between our 500W and 750W is for reasons. The most obvious one is the display accessory. As we all know, our 500W bicycles use 718 model displays, and in order to better reflect the advantages of 750W, we have upgraded the 750W bicycle displays from model 718 to model 986. First of all, the screen of the display will be different. The screen of the 718 is straight with no edges and the edge of the 986 screen is concave to form four edges, which helps to reduce the reflection of strong light, and it can be seen clearly even under strong light. Secondly, the data display of the 986 meter looks cooler.