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What is I-PAS?

What is I-PAS?

While most E-Bikes claim they regenerate energy, they only recharge 10% of their battery while braking. Yamee’s patented I-PAS regeneration recharges over 60% of the battery power anytime the bike is braking, gliding, or riding downhill. The I-PAS technology was created and patented by Yamee, so while other E-Bikes can promise regeneration, Yamee is the only company that delivers.

What is I-PAS

The innovative I-PAS technology transfers the energy generated by the motor back to the generator when riding downhill, braking, or gliding. While the bike doesn’t require throttle during these moments, the motor uses the kinetic energy to power the battery.

Patented I-PAS Technology

Convert Kinetic Energy Into Electrical Energy

Increase More Than 50% Mileage


COMPARE: How many times can you travel between the following distances?

From Brooklyn To Harlem3x7.5
From Long Beach To Venice Beach1.4x3.5
From The Mission District To Golden Gate Bridge 5.8x14.5
From Logan Square To Hyde Park2.5x6.25
From Austin To San Antonio0x1
From Sellwood To St John's2.9x7.5
From White House To Capitol Hill18x45


- Extra milleage, have fun for longer time.
- Consume energy in a more efficient way.
- More environmental friendly.

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